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A new electric grill RG-1410 from Rolsen Electronics Company with removable plates and anti-stick coating will help you to cook a variety of dishes of meat, fish, vegetables and more.Thanks to the uniform and regulated heating of the working surface the dishes will be tender, juicy with an appetizing crispy crust. The time-proof body is made of stainless steel and has a thermal insulation.A handle with protection against heating will allow you to easily transfer the electric grill to a place convenient for you to cook. The electric grill RG-1410 is your faithful assistant, which will delight you with ease of use and tasty food.

Power, W1400 
Cover materialstainless steel 
Non-stick cover
Light indicator
Protection handle
Thermostatic body
Oil collector
Heating Control+  
Removable plate
Plastic trowel
180 degree